Community guidelines
Our promises to you
Reviewedo offers 3 simple promises.
  1. To provide a platform that delivers transparency to a clouded industry.
  2. to provide a platform that encourages and empowers people to share their experiences through reviews
  3. to provide a platform that enables people to make the best decisions for their career
At Reviewedo we aspire to deliver these 3 simple promises. We believe in freedom of speech, the empowerment of sharing your experiences and the ability to make the best decision for you. We want to provide the world with authentic, valuable and transparent reviews in order to deliver those 3 simple promises.
In order to deliver our 3 promises, check the following out:
  • We will never edit or alter the texts of reviews on Reviewedo
  • We will never filter, delete or suppress a review*
  • Part of our belief is that you should feel empowered to share your experiences through the means of reviews , and if you choose to remain anonymous in your review then you will remain anonymous on the Reviewedo platform
  • We require a valid email verification or a valid LinkedIn account for each user submitting a review
  • We have adopted a verification process that uses complex technology in order to ensure that the review has been written by a human
Reviewing guidelines
Soon, millions of people will be relying on your reviews of recruitment agencies to take control of their career. Please follow the community guidelines to ensure that everyone in the Reviewedo community can benefit from the authentic, valuable and transparent reviews.
  • Your review should be honest and should constitute your own personal opinion that you have gained from an experience with the recruitment agency
  • We would encourage you to share a balanced review to truly reflect your experience in order for the Reviewedo community to truly gain some value from your review
  • Reviews should never reveal confidential, non-public company information.
  • Your review should be original as it should reflect an experience you have had
  • We will never alter or change your review; therefore what you write will appear on the recruitment agencies company profile. We are not the grammar police, therefore your review does not need to be perfect, and however, all we ask for is that the Reviewedo community can understand it.
  • We allow reviews that name individuals as long as the review describes your experience with that particular individual at said recruitment agency
  • We allow reviews that name certain areas of the business, for example “business analyst contract desk”, this is because some recruitment agencies are huge organisations and will add value to your review
  • We do not approve any reviews that contain threats of violence, discriminatory language or prejudice at an individual or group
  • We do allow reviews that mention any of the protected characteristics (Equality Act 2010) if they are in relation to your experience with the recruitment industry
*When will we delete a review?
As a general rule we will only ever delete a review if our investigation team has established that there is evidence that the user has not complied with our Guidelines as outlined. In most cases we will get in touch with you to gather more information and evidence. Examples of when we may delete your review but are not limited to:
  • Your review violates other people or companies’ rights, including intellectual property rights, rights of privacy/confidentiality and/or personality rights
  • Your review is for marketing purposes
  • You work for the recruitment agency you are reviewing
  • You are, or work for, a competitor of the recruitment agency you have reviewed
  • You have created multiple profiles to review the recruitment agency multiple times
If you have evidence that a review has not complied with our community Guidelines than please email support@reviewedo.com. In order for the Reviewedo community to gain value from your reviews we need to eradicate any fabricated reviews, we strongly encourage anyone that has any evidence of fabricated reviews to email the above email with as much evidence as possible.
Have questions, feedback or require more information?
We welcome any questions or feedback about our community guidelines. Please email us at support@reviewedo.com
Changes to Community Guidelines
We want to deliver our 3 simple promises to you, therefore we reserve the right to alter and change the community guidelines. As we are a community we feel that you should be aware of when changes have been made, as a result we will notify you on Reviewedo.com that the community guidelines have changed.