Reviewedo is striving to revolutionise the recruitment industry.
By becoming the world’s first community centric review platform dedicated to recruitment, we will deliver clarity to a polluted industry and in turn, create a continuously improving experience for everyone involved.
By creating a platform based on a foundation of honesty and integrity, candidates and hiring managers will be inspired to engage and share their experiences on agencies and their consultants.
This will build a community of working professionals, of which their views will help others make the best decisions for their career.
  1. Validity
    Every review added on to our platform will go through our stringent validation process to ensure the authenticity of reviews remains at the highest level possible. We will strive to ensure approved posts portray an honest and truthful image of every recruitment agency and their consultants.
  2. Anonymity
    Your privacy is important to us. We will never reveal the identity of reviewers.
  3. Community
    Reviewedo is open to anyone who has had an experience with a recruiter, agency or any type of staffing firm. We are aiming to give every candidate and hiring manager a voice therefore helping others to make better decisions for their career. We encourage everyone to share their opinions.